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house at night img0005When considering hiring anyone to install a whole-house generator at your home, you deserve to know something about their qualifications and work ethic before you sign a contract.  I am proud to share a little about who I am and how I believe in treating my customers.

1) I am a factory-certified and trained technician for Honeywell and Generac generators, and I keep up-to-date with the latest equipment improvements and designs.  Generators have on-board computers and it’s important that everything is properly installed by someone familiar with all the inner workings of the equipment.  If it’s installed wrong, you’ll have big problems after the contractor leaves with your money.

2) I have been a licensed contractor in New Jersey for 30 years and my NJ  Registration # is 13VH02134300.  I am also certified Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) technician, so if you want top-quality service and installation of any heating or cooling equipment in your home or place of business, I can take care of that for you, too.

3) You deal with only me from our initial meeting to the final clean-up.  I don’t have any sales people like some contractors, I’m responsible for everything that is said and done between us.  And I’m at your home for the entire generator installation job.  So if you have a concern, I’m right there to address it.

* Please notice how other generator installers operate, you’ll find many that pass the buck between salespeople, the owner and installation crews; so when there’s a problem, everybody blames somebody else.  I guarantee you’ll never get that kind of treatment from me!

* I am even at your home the day the generator is deliveredmost contractors are not, so when the trucking company leaves the big, heavy box in your driveway, most contractors leave you to deal with it until whenever they show up to move it.  I’ll get the generator equipment out of your way right when the truck arrives to drop it off.  Your driveway, garage or car is never blocked up.

4) I never use sub-contractors, my small crew and I do all the work.  So you won’t have any strange groups of men who you’ve never met showing up at your home unexpectedly telling you they are there to do some work.  And you won’t get any stories from me about “waiting for the other guy to show up..” before something can get done.

5) I show up when promised and I never make excuses.  I return your calls and handle all the details of your generator installation from permits to final test run and clean-up.  I don’t hide behind answering machines and voice mail.  You’ll find I’m not your typical contractor – I take pride in having many very satisfied long-time customers.

6) The entire job from the time the generator is delivered to your home until the final test run is only about 3 days.  Your electricity will only be turned off for a few hours when I make final connections to your home electrical system, and most of the work is done outside your home, not inside itI do my utmost to avoid inconveniencing you and your family any more than absolutely necessary.  You won’t have things torn apart at your home and left undone for weeks like so many other contractors you may have dealt with.

7) I will give you a complete price quote up front and there won’t be any hidden charges that crop up later.  I believe in giving you a fair and accurate price right from the start so you know exactly what your total investment in a back-up generator will be.  I am not like many contractors who give out low-ball prices and then add on new charges after it’s too late to stop the job.

Beware of going with the lowest price!  Many contractors have rushed into selling whole-house generators since Hurricane Sandy and they are taking advantage of uninformed homeowners to make a quick profit selling inferior equipment they are not trained to install or service.  They often have no insurance and no experience, so their price is low for all the WRONG REASONS!

 8) I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with me and all my work.  If something is not right, I’ll make it right.  You have my cell phone # to reach me anytime.

If you are located in Bergen County and you are seriously considering installing a whole-house standby generator… and I sound like the kind of contractor you’d like to work with… please contact me today for a FREE energy audit of your home plus a generator installation estimate.  Thanks!

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